50 years of experience led us to design a range of air systems absolutely  original:

Canals , pipes and ducts  that not only spread the air out, but also implement loudspeakers, electric devices, fire prevention and anti-intrusion systems.

In this way the aeraulic system becomes multifunctional, representing the heart of many systems that are realized regardless walls structures and, for this, really flexible and convenient  in case of renovation.

From an esthetic point of view, Viarossa was born to interpret the concept of beauty, extremely customizable.

Architects, planners and interior designers can free their creativity  and satisfy costumer’s  needs and context’s particularities in order to enhance and make exclusive every  living, working and productive environment.

Viarossa is a product made in Italy.

The authenticity is guaranteed :each creation is marked by originality label, together with a declaration of conformity.

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Relying by an aeraulic system gives a lot of advantages: to health and to people comfort, to cost savings, to the designer choosing it for redevelopment…

Viarossa plants have some features making them unique:

-They guarantee the environment air‘s quality where they are insert: the filtration’s system impede the enter of dust and of toxics,  while the moisture’s control refrain the mould on walls.  The filtration is added with constant air exchange, without opening  windows (so without heat dispersion);

-They have customizable esthetical features (materials, forms, colors, finishing touch) thus becoming elements of furniture, which can be tastefully integrated into any environment;

-They permit cost savings: to install them, we don’t have to use countertops and often we don’t have to use thermal insulation because  ducts are “openly”  inserted in the environment. More over we can install the lights in the same air canal system;

They provide a customizable and uniform distribution and diffusion of air in the environment, in order to guarantee the comfort