OCM Clima





OCM Clima is a small company which has been successfully working in the air treatment area for more than fifty years, dealing with the design, production and installation of new plants and systems intended for:

-Living areas;

-Industrial production environments;

-Retrofitting and maintenance for existing plants which need an upgrade.


Ocm Clima belive :

-in air’s quality as health and life style: in particular we believe in indoor air as nourishment for our bodies and mind;

-in the respect of the environment and in energy saving;

-in innovation and incessant improving trough training, organization and reliable delegation;

-in corporate social responsibility and to be part of the capital of our territory;

-in constructive relationship with employers and partners, with clients and suppliers, with schools, private and public institutions;

-to exercise a craft useful to people health: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease  or infirmity” . ( World Health Oranisazion Mission)


Our motivation to work:

-to guarantee health to the people;

-to guarantee comfort in indoor spaces; both industrial and living ones;

-to guarantee an environment compatible with the concept of sustainability.


Our goals are: :

-spreading and supporting the importance of air as first nourishment in life;

-present ourselves to the market, and be recognized, as air’s quality and aeraulic’s comfort specialist;

-create aeraulic systems able to guarantee air quality, comfort and health in every indoor environment.


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