Air is the most important nutriment in our body and it is the cause of our survival: breathing  is the first and the final action in our life. In average life, a person inhales at least 400 million liters of air…

Air is everywhere: in open spaces as well as in enclosed ones, plus  it’s always inside our body.


Here’s why the quality of the air that we breathe  is important: also because everyone pass a lot of time in enclosed  spaces. At home such as in the  office, in pubs like in restaurants, at the cinema as at school, in a shopping center just like in an hospital…


Even  if we rarely realize, inside our houses, in working  or living spaces, so in all the closed spaces (where we spend a lot of  time),  we breathe a more polluted  air rather than outside:  we forget to protect the quality of the air that we breathe, in support of aspects purely aesthetics or of the spaces’ clarity.


And if the air is unhealthy- due to various causes: paints, mould, cigarettes or cooking smoke, carbon dioxide, fine dusts… -  and it isn’t changed in a correct way, the environment is filled by substances that in a long period can create excessive moisture, that can form mould and bacterium and, definitively, that can harm health. In an hour everyone breathe 500 liters of air: you can prove to think to the number of bacterium and allergens  that we inhale in an unhealthy and raw air!

As a consequence,  purifying house or office’s air is important for our health. Opening  the windows isn’t enough  to air out an enclosed  environment and it represent  some contraindications. First,  the external air isn’t purified  and this can permit the enter of other bacterium inside encloses spaces. Furthermore the quantity of the renew air isn’t guaranteed  by the opening of the windows that compares with the size of the room, the number of people living there and the duration of the opening. Sometimes opening the windows can be a bad solution in terms of the air’s quality.


The best solution to this problem is inserting  a particular aeraulic system in the enclose environment- adapted to the room’s functions and to the number of people living there- that permit to exchange the air and conciliate people’s life with the building. With a particular aeraulic system is possible exchange the air  to the desires parameters, to control the temperature and the mould, to heat up or cool down according to the needs. With a unique plant is always possible to have the perfect ventilation, humidification, heating and conditioning, air’s filtration to achieve the correct level of comfort, wealth and health.

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