An aeraulic system has as main goal to have a correct ventilation in  enclosed spaces(as an house, an office, a factory, a shopping center, an hospital and so on). First of all, it must be a system adapted  to guarantee a correct circulation of good and healthy air inside these spaces  for those  who live and work there to prevent  the accumulation of stale air, that bring malaises, illnesses or just unpleasantness deriving from  bad smells.


Secondly, a good aeraulic system have other goals like   improving  the aesthetic of the environment where it is installed and increasing  people’s life style using that space.


But how -can say someone-  a whole thing of tubes and vents can also have an appropriate and aesthetic sense? The reply is certainly yes: an aeraulic system can be absolutely beautiful, in the broadest sense of the term. It can be thought and assembled on customer’s need. As a matter of facts, architects and designers more often  interface with aeraulic plants’ producers in order to realize together tailored structures for every single space, like houses, offices, restaurants, shops, pubs and so on...


And this because the aesthetic aspect of the aeraulic system can be customizable in materials, forms, colors, finishing touch. In this method  aeraulic systems  become  real part of the furniture like  an integrate surface with any space: it’s possible to  choose the colors and the materials  (for example metal, white, black, charcoal grey..) and the particular forms  (by essential geometric format to the more tapered curvatures), it’s also possible to  make particular personalization (like the painter’s inspiration in a white paper) that permit the aeraulic system to be a real aesthetic element. Handsome and also Healthy!!

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